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Overview: The Assimil Method was developed in the 1970’s! Despite being developed almost 50 years ago, it withstood the test of time and many polyglots still use Assimil even today!

It is a little expensive though, so you may try this book as a cheaper alternative: Easy Spanish Step by Step.

Assimil is basically a book and an audio CD!

The book has the Spanish phrases on the left page and the translation in English on the right page. It takes you from simple phrases in the first few pages to complex sentences by the time you reach the last few pages. The CD’s contain audio files of the 100 lessons in the book, so you can hear the pronunciation as well!

In my opinion, the positives of Assimil are: it’s one of the best books to learn Spanish, it withstood the test of time, and you can learn a lot from it!

It may not be the most engaging way to learn Spanish, but it will suit you if you are a reader or are simply looking to learn Spanish from a book!

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The Assimil Spanish book and CD are available on Amazon.

Learning a language can be very expensive, with programs like Fluenz, Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur costing hundreds of dollars.

Assimil provide a cheaper way to learn a new language with their book, while the CD makes sure your pronunciation will be accurate too.

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